Montessori Toddler

 "He does it with his hands, by experience, first in play and then through work. The hands are the instruments of man's intelligence."


Age and Ratio

18 month- 2 years - 1 teacher for 5 children
2 years – 3 years - 1 teacher for 8 children

2021 Tuition 


Infants(18months- 3 years): $450.00 per week 

At Kids World we turn your child’s natural curiosity into positive learning experiences. We encourage and foster the toddler's natural drive to act independently, move freely, and exercise activities that help the child learn by doing. During these few years of life, the love of learning is established. Dr. Maria Montessori recognized these sensitivities in a toddler in the areas of independence, order, movement, and language as the key element in the child’s growth and development.


Classroom Elements


As your child grows, we help your child build upon their understanding of emotions and emotional competency. Encouraging them to recognize different emotions, express wants, and needs, and develop a sense of independence.

Social: During the toddler years, children begin the process of understanding and responding to social cues. They delve into parallel play and develop a concept of space. We then assist your child in navigating difficult conversations and finding words to express emotions.

Cognitive: In our Montessori classroom, your child strengthens their attention span, begins to understand functional relationships, and learns essential qualities of the environment. They build their cognitive function by observing people and things from various perspectives and apply learned skills in new situations. They create the foundations for mathematical comprehension through early quantity and number concepts, including filling and emptying, putting in and taking out, taking things apart, and putting things back together. Finally, they identify familiar objects, build their active listening skills, and improve communication through gestures and language.

Language: As a toddler, your child is going through an explosion of language and learning how to communicate. In our toddler community, they will develop speech-like patterns, learn and uses new vocabulary, understand the reciprocal aspect of speech, and learns how to verbalize their needs.

Physical: Toddlers need to move, and physical development is a large portion of our toddler curriculum. Our curriculum includes:

  • Building their gross and fine motor skills.

  • Understanding body awareness and control.

  • Developing coordination, balance, flexibility, and stamina.


Music and rhythm support children's language development and movement through rhymes, songs, beats, and new vocabulary, which are done both in English and in Spanish.